Type of serviceDurationPrice*
1Video Shooting1 Day** 250
2Video Editing1 Day 250
3Photographic Services 1 Day 150
4Film director's Service1 Day 200
5Producer's Service1 Day 150
6Journalist's Service1 Day 100
7Voice engineer's Service1 Day100
8Dubbing (Technical Service)***1 Day 150
9Focus Groups Recording1 Day150
10Renting Conference Hall1 Day 120
11Renting Newsroom 1 Day 80
12Simultaneous translation's technical support1 Day50
13Projector1 Day 50
14Organaizing a Trainingunder the treaty****
15Renting the computer during the training1 Day10
16Computer Graphic under the treaty****
17Production of preview trailer under the treaty****
18Production of documentary filmunder the treaty****
19To put on the air advertising materials10%