About us

Internews Georgia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, whose mission is to improve access to information for people by fostering independent media and promoting open communication in the public interest.

Internews Georgia trains professional and citizen journalists, runs public education programs, produces media content, and promotes innovative use of new technology. These initiatives empower individuals and organizations to use and generate information, participate in political and social decision-making and bring positive changes.

Formed in 1997, Internews Georgia boasts of high-impact projects, which have contributed to opening and professionalizing media environment in Georgia: TV News program Kvira (Week) and TV show Gzajvaredini (Crossroads) have set the standard of independent journalism for the broadcast media; Chveni Expresi (Our Express) has taught multimedia production skills and literacy to children and young people; www.media.ge, an industry news portal has become a primary resource for news and opinion about the Georgia media.

Internews Georgia is a sustainable operation, which is funded through grants and entrepreneurial activities. The Internews has received support from the US Department of State, USAID, the European Commission, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CIDA, the Open Society Institute, among others. The Internews Georgia has received numerous awards, including Five Silver Principals from Citizens Advocate! Program, Bronze Diploma from the National Internet Competition, and Gold Addy for the best non-for-profit advertising campaign.

Internews Georgia is a member in Internews Network and Global Forum for Media Development.