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Internews is currently seeking researchers to take part in an Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) of the Republic of Georgia. The IEA methodology is applied for understanding information ecosystems around the world. designed to capture not only the “supply side” of information in a specific context, but also the “demand side,” which takes into account the human factor in information consumption (see the IEA Methodology summary, attached, for details). This project will consist of various components. Research under the project will include an analysis of existing literature on the country’s traditional media landscape and an innovative study of Georgia’s social media landscape, including the behavior of traditional media on social media and major social media players (influencers, groups, etc). The project will also involve the collection and analysis of survey data and qualitative research in the form of interviews and focus groups with media consumers. 

Two Scope of Work summaries for the Lead Research Consultant and Component Researcher Consultant positions are attached for reference. Internews intends to hire 1 Lead and 2-3 Component Researcher Consultants. Interested parties are invited to submit the following by Monday, September 14, 2020:

  • A current CV 
  • A Letter of Interest that briefly outlines relevant experience as well as a 1- to 3-page proposed concept or approach for project implementation, including:
    • A short background on Georgia’s traditional and social media landscape; 
    • Sample research questions that such a project might or should answer to better understand traditional and social media landscapes and media consumption;
    • Proposed research methods; 
    • Anticipated challenges.

The project will run from September, 2020, through January, 2021.

The project is supported by Internews in partnership with Facebook.

For more information, contact Dr. Maia Mikashavidze, Project Manager

Cell: 599 589704



IEA Methodology

Lead Research Consultant

Component Researcher Consultant

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