Information meeting for grant competition

Information meeting for selection of four mediapartners in Georgia 

within Access to Information and Audience Understanding Project (AI/AU)

Internews Georgia invites interested parties to the information meeting about the ongoing competition to identify media partners in the “Access to Information and Audience Understanding ” (AI / AU) Project. The meeting will take place at 12:00, on July 13, 2018.The four-year project “Access to Information and Audience Understanding ” (AI / AU) aims to increase citizen access to information about issues of importance in public affairs, strengthen the sustainability of targeted media outlets, and better link local media and the communities they serve. This will be achieved through series of activities aimed at enhancing select media’s understanding of audience needs, better tailoring their content to audience needs, and solidifying media’s financial sustainability. Every year, the project selects four media partners.

In the first year of the project (May to December, 2018), Internews Georgia will select four media partners through competitive process, and offer partners consultations and trainings aimed at building skills in audience research, analytics, and data-driven decision-making. A series of in-house residencies will involve trained and experienced local audience analytics and web development experts, who will visit outlets for targeted support.

As a next step, Internews Georgia will hold a grant competition in September to distribute small grants to media partners to support the development of initiatives designed to address the information needs of specific communities (with a preference for marginalized groups) and innovative solutions that would help target media to improve audience outreach, quality of content, and financial sustainability. Project partners will participate in the competition to receive grants of 4,546 GB Pounds (issued as an equivalent amount in Georgian national currency) for innovative content production, audience interaction or monetization projects. If a partner or partners submit weak proposals, the proposals will be rejected and a new competition will be held with participation from both partner and non-partner media.

Address: 11 Andria Apakidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia, Tiflis Business Center, 8th Floor

Contact person: Shorena Kochiashvili, project assistant, email: , cell 598 404 401.

Internews Georgia’s Access to Information and Audience Understanding Project is implemented with the support of Internews (Audience Understanding and Digital Support Project) and funded by Sweden. 

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