End Project Meeting 2021

On October 7, 2021 Internews Georgia conducted online End Project Meeting of „Audience Understanding and Digital Support (AUDS)” fourth year Project, implemented with the support of Internews and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) as an initiative to address the information needs of specific communities and use innovative solutions to improve audience outreach, quality of content, and financial sustainability.

The event was attended by the representatives of the donor organization Swedish Embassy, project partners, consultants and selection jury members to summarize project achievements, challenges and lessons learned.

The attendees of the meeting were provided with brief overview of the current media environment in Georgia by Hatia Jinjikhadze (Open Society Georgia Foundation) who spoke about the special role of Georgian media sector in resisting the violence against journalists dramatically escalated from July 5 event, underling that on the background of an extremely polarized political field it is highly important that media outlets keep solidarity in defend of the rights of journalists, abide to ethical standards and use the best practices of truth-seeking in serving the public interests.

Project second year and fourth year partners (TV 25, Radio -TV Nor, Mtisambebi.ge, Publika.ge and Kutaisipost.ge) shared with the audience the outcomes of the project and progress reached from intensive onsite and online consultancies: The project supported us with trainings and consultancies that were well-tailored to our needs and challenges. TV 25 team will greatly benefit from the skills and knowledge acquired for improved content production and daily activities” – Sulkhan Meskhidze (TV25) “Participation in the project was an exceptional opportunity for us to produce a new, innovative content and start attracting a new audience. Recommendations from experts gave us a clear idea on commercial potential of our media outlet and also helped to learn how to increase interaction on our social networks“ – Lika Zakashvili (Pubilika.ge) “ The project supported our media outlet to prepare the stories about the life of women from high mountainous regions and helped with valuable recommendations on how to intensify our presence on Instagram through a well-planned strategy” – Gela Mtivlishvili (“Mtisambebi.ge), “ The content created within the framework of the project was a special opportunity to raise public awareness on COVID-19 immunization in the community and reduce vaccine misinformation among the local population” – Boris Karslyan (Radio TV “Nor”),  “The project helped us to launch a digital traveler platform on our website and provide our audience with useful information about touristic destinations of our region. It was a great contribution to enrich our website, improve the journalistic content and attract more revenues.” – Tea Zibzibadze (Kutaisipost.ge).

Project consultants summarized the work carried out with media outlets engaged in the project. Among the achievements observed with partners during consultations they underlined the diversified and results oriented work approach and the efforts to set development plans, improve content, traffic, revenues and sustainability.  

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