National media to produce in-depth reporting on the developments in the South Caucasus region to avoid disinformation and propaganda

Internews, in partnership with Internews Georgia, will partner with three national media outlets  –  Indigo magazine, Droeba Media Group and Project 64  to produce in-depth stories on the developments in the South Caucasus region, including the issues of peace, security and conflict prevention, in partnership with minority media outlets.

This initiative is part of the project “Support for Truthful Reporting for Informed Neighbors in Georgia” (STRING) and aims to provide national and local minority audiences with quality information and help them avoid disinformation and propaganda.

Three partner outlets, selected through the competitive process, will receive microgrants to produce three stories (each) on topics of importance to national audiences related to the recent conflicts and post-conflict developments in the South Caucasus region. The duration of a sub-grant is 3 months.

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