Minority-language media to produce in-depth reporting on the developments in the South Caucasus region to avoid disinformation and propaganda

Internews, in partnership with Internews Georgia will support nine media outlets  –  Reginfo.ge, Radio Marneuli, TOK TV, TV9, News, Aliq Media, Radio Nor, TV Marneuli and Radio Ivrisi  – to produce and distribute news packages on the developments in the South Caucasus region, including the issues of peace, security and conflict prevention.

This initiative is part of the project “Support for Truthful Reporting for Informed Neighbors in Georgia” (STRING) and aims to support regional minority media to provide local audiences with quality information and help them avoid disinformation and propaganda.

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Micro-grant contest results 2021

Internews Georgia has selected four media organizations – web outlet “Publika.ge” (Tbilisi), web outlet “Mtisambebi.ge” (Kakheti region), TV 25 (Adjara Autonomous Republic) and Radio “Nor” (Samtskhe-Javakheti region) as 2021 partners of “Access to Information and Audience Understanding” (AI / AU) Project. Continue reading

Contest for Micro-Grants 2021

Contest for award of micro-grants to local media outlets in Georgia

within Access to Information and Audience Understanding Project (AI/AU)

15 January, 2021

  1. General Information

Internews Georgia is implementing a four-year Access to Information and Audience Understanding Project. The project aims to increase citizen access to information about issues of importance in public affairs, strengthen the sustainability of targeted media outlets, and better link local media and the communities they serve. This will be achieved through series of activities aimed at enhancing select media’s understanding of audience needs, better tailoring their content to audience needs, and solidifying media’s financial sustainability.

By means of all its activities in Georgia, the project will improve the quality of media content and financial sustainability of partner media outlets through enhanced understanding of audience needs. Continue reading

End Project Meeting







On 8 December, 2020 Internews Georgia hosted online End Meeting of „Audience Understanding and Digital Support (AUDS)” third year Project implemented with the support of Internews and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) as a four year initiative to address the information needs of specific communities and use innovative solutions to improve audience outreach, quality of content, and financial sustainability. Continue reading

Call for Applications

Internews is currently seeking researchers to take part in an Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) of the Republic of Georgia. The IEA methodology is applied for understanding information ecosystems around the world. designed to capture not only the “supply side” of information in a specific context, but also the “demand side,” which takes into account the human factor in information consumption (see the IEA Methodology summary, attached, for details). This project will consist of various components. Research under the project will include an analysis of existing literature on the country’s traditional media landscape and an innovative study of Georgia’s social media landscape, including the behavior of traditional media on social media and major social media players (influencers, groups, etc). The project will also involve the collection and analysis of survey data and qualitative research in the form of interviews and focus groups with media consumers.  Continue reading

Minority-language Media to Produce In-depth Public Affairs Reporting Ahead of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia


August 19, 2020

Internews, in partnership with Internews Georgia and USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance, will support six media outlets  –  Radio Nor, Radio Marneuli, Radio Way, JNews.ge, TOK TV and 9th Channel  – to produce and distribute news packages about major issues facing minority audiences ahead of the 2020 elections. This includes programs and solutions proposed by political parties competing in the elections.

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